Romantic Red


Do you ever attach emotions to the clothing you wear? I do... all the time. I don't know why but, here is my theory. When I make the decision to buy something an article of clothing in this case. The first thing that comes to mind is the potential occasion I would wear said thing to. Most importantly how what I'm considering buying will make me feel.

This dress in particular makes me feel like going out and dancing. I love to dance (specially when no ones watching and I can be super silly). I love the kind of red it's not too red or too washed out. The best part is, that is was on sale at Zara I was sold as soon as I saw it on the hanger, but the $15 price tag was definitely not bad either.  I've worn this dress five times since I bought it, and it's only been a month. It seems to fit many occasions if styled correctly and I plan on continuing to wear it through spring and summer.

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