Vino Roso Per Uno

Here we are again the time of the year some of us dread, while others love to love. Valentines day is tomorrow and I know there's plenty of us out there who will be spending it alone or unhappy. Let's be honest here, not everyone has someone they can gush about to friends and family, or some of us don't want to have anyone at the moment because, well we want to be selfish and care for ourselves. This post is dedicated to those people those of us who are being selfish at the moment and are worried about ourselves more than a holiday that gives people an excuse to make others feel a little bitter.



I honestly cannot count myself in that group of people who are bitter at this time of the year, it's not who I am, although I was in that position a year or two ago I am now nowhere near feeling that way. Valentines day this year is a happy one for me, and what do I  mean exactly by that? I am happy with myself, this past year I had a lot of alone time to work on myself, be more independent, I love me and the woman I am becoming. Although I have reason to celebrate valentines day I am instead choosing to have that mind space to celebrate self love. We all feel that this is a day to celebrate someone else in our lives, and although there's nothing wrong with that I feel it is very important for us to remember that love begins with us, and we should nurture that in some way. Whether you're spending this Valentines day alone or in good company enjoy a drink or three and remember that in order to be happy you must love yourself first. So to you in advance I say Happy Valentines Day.