Comfort & Style

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I grew up around, seamstresses, tailors, artisans, you name it. Art and fashion were a big part of my daily life, specially on take your kid to work day, when my  mom would take me with her to meet all these wonderful people she worked with daily. 


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So in getting dressed to get some work downtown. I decided to follow a rule that is always very present when I get dressed. " Don't sacrifice comfort for style." This is something my grandmother used to always tell me

Houston has been unbearably hot as of like ... all Summer long, and we don't get fall around here. When I got dressed Saturday I decided to be as comfortable as possible. This is how this outfit as simple as it looks to my surprise walking down the street I got a lot of questions about the skirt and the hat. Saturday was in the hundreds here so this was definitely the right move, jeans would have been a bad choice after a few hours of running around in the heat.


Thank god after a little while I got to sit down in the A/C inside of Tout Suite and grab an iced coffee.

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