ATM Collection FW16

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 This past Friday I got to interview designer Anthony Thomas Melillo at Neiman Marcus and have a luncheon while models strutted in his favorite pieces for fall, many which can be easily worn in the cold winter months. ATM Collection is about taking basic everyday pieces like your favorite t-shirt, terry sweats, and your favorite cardigan and making it as comfortable and wearable as possible, the fabric will make you fall in love with every piece. Check out our interview below, and some pieces from the collection. 

Anthony takes pride in having the best fabric (which is light as air BTW) Melillo owns the machines that produce his fabric in Peru, making unique to his brand, something other designers won't have. A short and honest overall thought on this collection is.. It was chic, elegant, and very comfortable.


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What was the inspiration behind the fall collection?

ATM: What we see each season is that more about our brand aesthetic, we look for inspiration in fabric, to have the fit, the feel and the relaxed elegance. The drape of the fabric is important, maybe we'll add a cargo pocket to a great shirt dress, etc.


I love the brown suede dress I saw, are there any more like it in the collection?

ATM: I wouldn't say we've done this exact dress more than once, it's an easy dress. We'll do different versions maybe in silk, in washed jersey, in the spring collection I know there's one in pique,  The dress might be snug around the chest but gives you room around the hips and the waist. Dresses are  fashion pieces so, the fabrication changes every season, but the silhouette remains.

What can we expect for the spring collection?

ATM: For spring we developed more into fabrics, we did a group of sun bleached jerseys, sweats and t-shirts, washed silk. We also did micro modal rip, which is throughout the whole collection in tops, dresses, and skirts. Bodysuits are one of the big pieces coming for spring for us since we had really good feedback.

I love how easy going the pieces are.

ATM: We pride ourselves in our easy going color palette, but you know people fall in love with the fabric and the ease of it, people buy multiples at a time, because of how light and soft the fabric is. We always will go for softer fabrics than we had the previous season, the fabrics are really important in the way they feel when you pick it up and wear it.