Bagsession; Lets Talk

OH my LORD... I used to be in denial when it came to my shopping habits. But as the seasons went by as did my middle school and high school years ( thank god) I loooove college, and I have all A's high five to me! (lol) Anyway guys.. I have to say we girls have a bag obsession, its true don't lie to yourself don't tell me that you didn't sit in front of the computer or even your phone during break time from your daily bustle and stare at the much coveted Chloe drew satchel (sigh).

I was instantly in love but I simply couldn't bring myself to buying it right then and there maybe for my birthday I will say oh whatever and splurge a little! But in the mean time if you are still at home wishing you could get your hands on one of those lovely leather trendy bags here are very similar options one is almost exactly like it and from a well known and trendy brand so don't feel bad, embrace it! I was browsing for my next style staple on nasty gal and also obsessing over their lace bralettes  when I stumbled on these two options that are similar and just as stylish as the Chloe drew satchel (thank me later) Option 1 & Option 2. I am currently obsessing over various bags and these in the pictures were a few of my fav from Fashion Week, you have the unexpected, the statement bag, and the minimalist bag (in that order). Anyhow ladies we need to stop denying that we obsess over many bags and shoes all at once and know that if we could buy them all we would, but then again we might need an entire separate room for bags and shoes alone. Who can blame us though?
xx -Steph