What's on my Playlist

Hey there lovely people! I am back with another What's on my Playlist post and this week I have a list of ten new songs that I just cannot stop listening to. If you like music, and variety in it as much as I do read on. Don't be afraid to click the links below which will bless your ears with beautiful sounds!




    Magic - Coldplay



I love this song because, it has a calm vibe. It talks about falling in love in a different way than other songs do. Chris Martin never fails to impress with his lyrics.



        Can't help falling in love - Cover by Andie Isalie



I discovered Andie Isalie on YouTube purely on accident she's from Australia and  her voice is soulful and soft. She can turn pretty much any song into her own, even though she didn't write it. Her covers have a twist, depending on whether she uses the ukulele, the guitar, bass or the piano.


                                                       Back to Life - Alicia Keys




I love the feel of this song. The lyrics are empowering, and I often find myself writing to it. Reminds me to keep going. I'm surprised it didn't get much promotion other than for the movie it was featured in. 


                                                   Feel it Still - Portugal The Man




This song is definitely a pump up song, I work out to it, write to it, dance to it. Although the lyrics are simple which I'm not always a big fan of, it's fun and catchy.



            Only Heart - John Mayer  






 Helpless - John Mayer


The search for everything was definitely a new side to John Mayers music, this album had nostalgia mixed with all the new things he's realizing and experiencing. I definitely love every song on it. But I specifically like helpless because he talks about a love that doesn't correspond ( we've all been there) and the take is kinda like he wants someone to yank him out of that state of mind where he wants to keep trying even though it's pointless. It's not a sad song, it's actually very upbeat my favorite on this album. 


                                    Carry you Home - Tiësto ft Aloe Blacc, Stargate






  Summertime Romance - Johnnyswim

         Touching Heaven - Johnnyswim