Love Soul Style

I recently have been super caught up with work.. it has been crazy, sometimes sitting in front of a computer at a desk all day makes you not want to be close to one at all..for a while. I have been in a slump,writing just hasn't been something I've been wanting to do but I am sitting here with at the peak of my caffeine levels an am finally writing (music helps too).I had to drag myself out of the house because it was almost like I never had coffee all day or energy for that matter. But what's important is that I am here to talk about my recent collaboration, with Love Soul Style a brand of boho bracelets that helps women embrace who they are, with the struggles and insecurities we all have.

love soul style

 I am collaborating to inspire other women to be who they are and embrace all of their flaws the actual ones and the ones other people make us think we have. I remember always loving to have my hair curly as a little girl, and as I grew older I remember someone at school making fun of me for wearing my hair curly, maybe it was because in middle school everyone is mean intentionally or are insecure themselves. Either way I remember not wearing my hair curly for years only during the summer occasionally until just recently.

loves soul style