Feeling Green

 It is Thursday, and I could not be happier. Tomorrow is Good Friday which for the greater majority of us means no work. This morning has been rough, here in Houston it thundered and rained like crazy all night which means that I was in a deep snooze.

Needless to say I didn't so much as hear any alarm ring and was a few minutes late to work. Since it is spring I am all about bright and inviting colors as always, so since it has been rainy and gloomy all day I decided to make a pick me up green smoothie. This little guy is made with love and is all organic. Here are the ingredients that are sure not to only give you a boost, but also are a much better choice than soda, and I might argue sometimes coffee (gotta have my Starbucks). But without further ado:


One green apple- organic (got all at Whole Foods)

Four strawberries

Chia seeds

Half of a Kiwi

Three Blueberries

A handful of Spinach

Blend and Enjoy!


                                xx -Steph

green juice recipe